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    You tend to your garden to bring fruit and flowers; you tend to your love to bring a life of happiness. Putting the plants in the earth is just the beginning, as is putting a ring on a loved one's finger.

    Are you looking for a crisp look for your shrubs? Are your perennials and ornamentals properly pruned? Would you consider some dazzling container plants for your entertaining areas this coming season? The essence of our service is an individual approach to the property and to the individual taking into view your budget, needs, and your unique style. We develop a schedule of services to fit your property, and adhere to the best horticultural practices as we care for your landscape. Whether you need expert mowing services or skillful landscape care and licensed irrigation services, Green Thumb Landscape is your full-service solution. Give us a call today for a free, no-obligation consultation and proposal, or go to our contact page and fill out a simple form.


    Find romance or simply relax in any size garden. Green Thumb Landscape can create a winding path in order to invite a leisurely stroll by a courtyard patio, raised beds, a slow bubbling water feature and outdoor art. While an intimate layout creates a secluded setting, it is designed to draw people together. A number of large specimen trees can be added to provide relief from the Texas sun, and add value to your property. Whether you dream of formal entries of casual nooks, we're ready to assist.

    Remember as a child when the garden was your playground? When hide and seek and ring-around-the-rosie brought you outside to play? Full of childhood pleasures re-imagined for adults, your landscape can become a grown-up play yard once again. Imagine your landscape with an outdoor chess set, a putting green, a spa and shower, an outdoor structure with comfortable furniture and a built-in BBQ.

    Outdoor Living Space

    For those warm summer Texas nights, creating an outdoor space allows you to entertain, spend time with your family or just to unwind after a long day, and is a great way to expand your overall living area. Bringing design to your porches, patios, pools, terraces and backyard is easy to accomplish with Green Thumb Landscape, by creating virtual rooms in your open space.

    Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular, as are firepits & fireplaces that surround the patio. We’ve come a long way from the charcoal grill. We now include gas ranges, sinks, faucets and counter-top prep areas to complete outdoor kitchens. The layout of an outdoor kitchen depends on your style of cooking. From grilling, stir-frying to rotisseries and pizza ovens. There is not a better way to savor the summer than to eat dinner outdoors. By integrating a dining area as one of your outdoor rooms, you increase the functionality of the space as well as have a perfect area for family gatherings. Creating a pattern on the floor (with natural stone, pavers, or stamped concrete) helps define the area and also brings visual interest and color to the area. Call us today to begin planning your personal space!

    Let Green Thumb Landscape help you dream big, and turnthem into reality today.

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Pond Cleaning

A thorough pond cleaning is sometimes just what we at Green Thumb prescribe for a healthy pond. Our pond crew will come out to your home, drain your pond and clean it most times within a period of only a few hours. The fish are kept in holding tanks and checked for any signs of health problems and disease. The pond is completely drained and the sides and waterfalls and streams washed (but never scrubbed so not to disturb the healthful gel coating on the sides). The dying and dead leaves of plants are cut back and, if in season, the plants are fertilized. The pump is cleaned of debris as are any filter pads. Bead filters are backwashed, if present. We recommend this type of service at least once a year but more preferably twice a year -- once in early spring and then again in autumn.

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